We end the week with not one, but two new practical tools that can help you in the design of your projects by quickly creating your web grids and Bootstrap templates for your integrations. Discover Layoutit now!

Design your CSS web grids and Bootstrap templates online

css made easyLayoutit! is a practical and straightforward tool as we like them with an interface that allows managing in a fun way your web grids for your web designs. It is free and available directly online, which will allow you to easily add it to your toolbox. Currently Layoutit offers two tools, the first one concerns the creation of Bootstrap templates and the new one allows you to create CSS grids according to your needs.

Create your Bootstrap 4 interfaces in a few clicks

The first tool is very easy to learn and offers a fun interface where you can arrange the modules you need for your web structure. Layoutit! is based on the components proposed by Bootstrap, which leaves a wide variety of elements that can integrate your web design. You can then save your project or export the HTML, CSS or LESS and Js code directly. A tool that can save you a significant amount of time for setting up your pages and structures in web design.

Design your CSS grids according to your web designs

The design of CSS grids can quickly become quite complicated if you start from scratch, which is why Layoutit! offers you a new tool that will save you time and allow you to see the result directly. Once again we find a simple and efficient interface that lets you manage the number of columns, rows and the size of boxes you need.

Just like the first tool, you have to retrieve the code generated and then continue the integration of your project with a structure already in place.